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Meet the Photographer

I was born and raised in a village of KPK Pakistan . After basic education my dreams landed me in a new diverse culture of NCA Lahore where I soon explored my true self and passion for Arts & Photography. That’s where I redefined myself as Ashna Khan and formed a brand out of it. It's been a journey upward. At a very early stage I had an honour to represent soft image of Pakistan in Spain, UK and U.S through Performing & visual Arts. My camera and I have been partners on this journey since 2010 but it was in 2015 when I combined my love for arts & taking photographs and turning it into a commercial venture. My works sole priority is still creating art.

My photography is a stylistic celebration of mood, time, space and accent of the theme. The motivation behind my artwork is to narrate a story within a frame. The sense of composition, lighting and texture is a manifestation of the degree of my imagination with a combination of human elements creating the atmosphere of a timeless tale.

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